Our Therapists

Naomi Cataudella


Naomi has over 10 years of experience working with individuals and families in a variety of capacities.  She has worked extensively in the criminal justice system providing mental health services to individuals with substance abuse issues and severe and persistent mental illness.  Naomi’s background includes work with individuals who have experienced trauma inclusive of Veterans and those who are involved in intimate partner violence.  She spent years providing therapeutic services for bereaved individuals and assisting them in the grieving process and rebuilding their lives.  She has worked as a court involved therapist on high conflict divorce and custody cases in the Johnson County area for many years and has extensive knowledge and training in treating resist/refuse dynamics between parents and children.  Naomi is skilled in providing family, individual, co-parenting and reintegration therapy for individuals experiencing a variety of challenges.  

Naomi believes that every individual has the capacity for change and each of them is worthy of dignity and respect.  She approaches the people she serves with integrity and transparency and works with them to create the changes they seek in creating a quality of life and achieving their goals.  She believes that individuals and families are responsible for their success and knows that change takes daily commitment and work from the client outside of sessions.  

Amy Benson
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