Our Therapists

Tina Quarles


Tina has spent most of her career assisting at-risk families, helping children, adolescents and adults identify and utilize their strengths to overcome life’s challenges. Tina utilizes a variety of approaches to support individuals, couples, and families cope with challenges such as anxiety, depression, domestic violence, and co-parenting issues as well as parent-child conflict and behavioral issues. 

Tina has a passion for working with couples who desire to improve communication and enhance emotional bonds. She is also experienced in working with adolescents, supporting them in resolving relationship challenges and overcoming social and emotional struggles in school. 

Tina uses a variety of theories and approaches including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, (CBT), Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI), mindfulness, motivational interviewing, and guided meditation. Tina believes in treating the body as well as the mind. Exercise and nutrition are a critical part of treatment and can curb depression, reduce anxiety, and improve overall mood. 

Tina’s goal is to create a safe, affirming place for clients to feel heard and understood and find the tools needed to move forward. 

Tina Quarles
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